Advancing Gross Margin Analysis

Variance Bridge crafts solutions to address challenges in the areas of Financial Reporting and Planning & Forecasting. We have focused our R&D attention on two state-of-the-art solutions built to deliver financial data insight and ROI:

Our turnkey analytical tool advances an organization’s ability to analyze gross margin and drive strategic decisions. We believe that companies know how to analyze gross margin, but that performing such analysis is inefficient due to data and organizational complexity. Our solution integrates an organization’s as-is data and analysis process into a repeatable analytical framework in order to measurably improve the effectiveness of gross margin analytics.

Our focused planning tool advances organization’s ability to perform financial modeling of budgets and forecasts at an enterprise level. There is a wealth of information locked away in submitted budgets and forecasts. Our solution logically deconstructs submitted information into defined drivers - allowing for rapid remodeling of financial budgets and forecasts at an executive level. Receive compiled budget and forecast data, run our model generator, identify risk, and perform what-if remodeling and analysis. Works in unison with our gross margin solution.

Our Solutions are built using Oracle/Hyperion EPM Tools.

Enterprise ready, immensely scalable, proven.

Copyright (c) 2014 Variance Bridge LLC: All rights Reserved: Variance Bridge LLC is a CFO Advisory Consulting Firm focused on increasing insight into profitability. Founded by industry veterans, Variance Bridge conceives, pre-builds, and delivers turnkey Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions. Solutions focus on Gross Margin Analytics and rapid Enterprise Budget & Forecast Modeling. Variance Bridge solutions are built using Oracle Hyperion Essbase, Planning, Smartview, and Financial Reporting Studio. A proven project delivery methodology is used to ensure successful solution deployment.