Advancing Gross Margin Analysis

We take our best ideas for improving financial analytics, apply

high standards, and pre-build turnkey solutions using Oracle EPM

software. This is our starting point.


To deliver a turnkey solution we start by carefully evaluating your

company’s current process and sharing our idea. We then jointly

envision how the solution will meet your unique requirements,

be adopted, and be applied to deliver results.


Throughout delivery we collaboratively transfer the solution to

your company. We configure, test, refine, re-retest … and finally

… celebrate release, observe adoption, and refine again.

Copyright (c) 2014 Variance Bridge LLC: All rights Reserved: Variance Bridge LLC is a CFO Advisory Consulting Firm focused on increasing insight into profitability. Founded by industry veterans, Variance Bridge conceives, pre-builds, and delivers turnkey Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions. Solutions focus on Gross Margin Analytics and rapid Enterprise Budget & Forecast Modeling. Variance Bridge solutions are built using Oracle Hyperion Essbase, Planning, Smartview, and Financial Reporting Studio. A proven project delivery methodology is used to ensure successful solution deployment.