Advancing Gross Margin Analysis

Variance Bridge is built on the belief that Enterprise Performance

Management* (EPM) software exists to support breakthrough

analytical ideas. That by combining the existing wisdom of organizations into a well conceived and compelling framework, transformational results and benefits are attained.


Variance Bridge is founded on the key principal that a project that

stretches capabilities to reach for a greater goal is THE project

journey to pursue.


We strive for excellence. Our solution deliveries are driven by

thoughtful ideas, extensive professional experience, a belief that

clear and uncluttered communication drives success, and an

intense desire to make a difference in the world.

* Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software seeks to elevate the
   visibility of financial management in a closed-loop model across all facets of
   the enterprise.

Copyright (c) 2014 Variance Bridge LLC: All rights Reserved: Variance Bridge LLC is a CFO Advisory Consulting Firm focused on increasing insight into profitability. Founded by industry veterans, Variance Bridge conceives, pre-builds, and delivers turnkey Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions. Solutions focus on Gross Margin Analytics and rapid Enterprise Budget & Forecast Modeling. Variance Bridge solutions are built using Oracle Hyperion Essbase, Planning, Smartview, and Financial Reporting Studio. A proven project delivery methodology is used to ensure successful solution deployment.